About The Beepline

The Beepline is PowerPopPsychedelicRocknRollHardRockMusic.

A tribute to the music of an era, The Beepline is the only true Vintage Rock band in the MidwestThe Beepline includes seasoned veterans from The Late Show and other premiere bands: Mark Moran on guitars and vocals, Jim Sanders on bass and vocals, Phil Kaiser on vocals, guitar, and keys, and Steve Brunner on drums. With a catalogue of over 100 classic songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s, The Beepline plays power pop, psychedelic, rock and roll, hard rock music with pinpoint precision and sonic accuracy while retaining the magic of the music.

Mark Moran

Guitars and Vocals

I saw The Beatles. Everything changed.

I loved the Spanish guitar, The Ventures, Ricky Nelson, The Beach Boys, and Elvis. On February 9, 1964, The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan and that was it. Within a year and a half I was in a legit rock n’ roll band and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Phil Kaiser

Vocals, guitar, and keys

I live to sing and play. Honestly.

By twenty I had been drumming and singing in several local bands. Mark Moran told me to learn to play guitar and to sing better so I did. Became a front man. A couple of years ago, picked up my guitar again and set about learning keys so I could be in The Beepline. I live peacefully but not quietly in Indianapolis.

Jim Sanders

Bass and vocals

I can play bass and sing at the same time.

Started with piano lessons at age 8.  Then French horn at age 10.  Gravitated to guitar, then, as a teenager, to bass (everybody played guitar or drums – no one was playing bass), thinking that being in a band might be a social advantage.  Studied bass violin with ISO bassist for one year.  At 18 started playing in bar bands around Indy playing jazz standards, rock, blues, country, whatever gig I could get.  Recorded sporadically with different bands.

Steve Brunner


Look, Mom, four limbs!

Steve’s obsession began at an early age, with jam sessions using tennis rackets and overturned laundry baskets to scribbling out song structures from his Dad’s record collection (Elton John, Free, Bread, Tom T Hall). Steve got his first drum set at age 14, discovered his brother’s and aunt’s amazing music (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Queen, Rush) and tested his family’s patience for years, learning the craft and watching a new thing called MTV cable television.

We want to play for you!

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